The Deadwoods are a lyrically based,
guitar driven rock band from Minneapolis.

The Deadwoods performed their original, roots rock music for over 15 years in the Twin Cities bar scene.  Their line-up began to develop over 20 years ago when Dave Thom and James Glinsek started pounding out classic rock tunes in high school.  Dave soon started to create original music, and eventually, with the help of James on drums, recorded a full length solo cd.  Jason Alexander filled the vacancy on bass guitar joining James to give a solid backbone to the bands music. Corey Bayer completed the line-up giving the group the powerful lead guitar it had long desired.

Having recorded two CDs with another in the works, the band took a indefinite hiatus as work and family commitments began to eat more of their time.  Reuniting for one off shows has become the norm as time allows.  Each member still plays with other bands but they always seem to find time to crank up the amps and play their original tunes for their fans. 
The Deadwoods will remain a band for years to come, but be sure to pay attention you may or you'll miss their next show. 

And with songs ready to record, don't be surprised if a new full length cd is released at some point as well.



Dave Thom - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Corey Bayer - Background Vocals, Lead Guitar

Jason Alexander - Background Vocals, Bass Guitar

James Glinsek - Background Vocals, Drums